The Best Article About Movie Star Planet You’ll Ever Read

Moviestarplanet Judges have the highest voting power in contests so it’s no surprise why many players are pondering just what they can be! The main benefit of being a MSP Judge is being able to vote in competitions. That means you can cast your vote for whoever you think did best in the competition!

The most effective part is your vote counts as 2 jury member votes! So if you disagree with one of the jury members, your vote counts more than theirs. This makes it much easier that you can select the top winner for the Moviestarplanet competition.

So now you’re most likely wondering the way to get judge status on Moviestarplanet? Well here’s how! Judge voting status in MSP is given to members who purchase VIP for an overall of One hundred and eighty days. Follow this link to find out more on the topic.

A 180 day VIP membership for Moviestarplanet costs about $40 so it’s not surprising that lots of players can’t afford it. That’s why we’ve created a guide to show you how you can get a zero cost Star VIP membership for MSP and in addition to it Judge status!

Check out our guide for how exactly to get free Star VIP and judge status for competitions.

Hopefully our tips may help show you the best way to get a zero cost VIP membership and unlock judge status in MSP! Take into account that judges get 2x the voting power of Jury members in competitions so you definitely don’t want to be without it.