Why You Should Learn About Buying Used Cars

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Each year, over 50 million sedans, coupes, vans, trucks, and SUVs are sold in the USA. Of those sold, about 75% are pre-owned vehicles. Why are used cars a lot more popular than new ones? Here are three reasons why.

Certified Vehicles:

It really used to be that when you purchased a vehicle from the market of used cars, you were going to have to cope with some deficiencies, such as bleached paint, worn tires, filthy seats, or rust on the frame. Purchasing pre-owned additionally meant that you would not have the luxury of a guarantee if anything went wrong. Have a look at this website to learn more regarding carlos sousa Luckily, consumers now have the option to buy certified used cars that are as close to new as possible. Accredited pre-owned vehicles are carefully inspected by car dealers, and any problems are fixed. That means the interior is cleaned, the paint is fresh, and any dents, dings, or scratches are fixed. They even possess the new car smell. Also, since these vehicles have been so closely inspected, they may be offered with a factory warranty. This means you can drive off the lot with a vehicle that is new in all but name, but takes a reduced price tag as it’s considered pre owned.

Same Safety Features:

Years ago, people would purchase new sedans or trucks to be able to possess the latest safety features. Motorists needed air bags, anti-lock brakes, and traction control. Fortunately for buyers of used cars, these attributes are regular, or at least very trivial. Since the mid-1990s air bags are installed in every automobile. Since 2011, anti-lock brakes have been necessary conditions in all vehicles sold in the U.S. Buyers can readily find a model that’s a few years old with all of the best safety gear. This means that a pre-owned automobile can provide exactly the same degree of safety as a new one, at a greatly reduced price.

Better for the Environment:

In years past, the environment was typically not something contemplated by the typical auto buyer. Fortunately, consumers now are more conscious of how their purchases affect the world. We suggest you learn more about carlos on this site. For every new truck or convertible that is assembled, lots of energy is used to create it. In fact, some recent studies have shown the energy used to construct a new vehicle is greater than the energy emitted by that vehicle over the course of its own lifetime. Moreover, for every new vehicle, a pre owned model goes unused. The fresh vehicle then must be disposed, creating waste. If you buy an automobile that is several years old, a fresh one is not going to be assembled, and an old one WOn’t be junked. It is a truly win-win situation.

In closing, it’s clear why nearly all vehicles sold in the United States annually are used. They offer buyers a driving and ownership experience comparable to a brand new model, at a portion of the cost. The choice is simple; pick your next truck, coupe, or wagon from the market of used cars.